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March 8th, 2009 (05:31 pm)

current mood: sleepy
current song: Out There - John Dahlblack

Good weekend!

Friday night me and Brooke went out to Northbridge for the Ministry of Sound launch party at Capitol. Was meant to meet up with a friend from work, but I didn't have his number so I couldn't really meet up probably, lol. Got there only to find out that it had sold out, and it was only 10! Not that it mattered, because we decided that we'd bar hop the night away. We decided that we would stop at every bar and have at least one drink, two or more if we liked the place. Turns out I really like Irish pubs and Brooke really doesn't. Haha. The Mint was awesome! 90's night XD I don't think I've actually ever had that much fun clubbing, seriously. I think it's because it was just us two and we spent the whole night laughing, particularly when Irish guys kept trying to plant one on me, and when Brooke got violated in the Mint and all I could do was laugh. And because we're very loud and talkative, and being the sociable butterflies that we are, we just talked to anyone and everyone and it was good. Got home at about 5 absolutely dead to the world. Good night!

Then on Saturday we went shopping at Carousel, saw too many people from high school, bought some "special" underwear and tried on some pretty dresses. Ack having big boobs is so annoying! I'm a DD, and it's so aggravating when a dress is absolutely gorgeous, fits perfectly EXCEPT for the boobs. Grr. It could be worse though. My friend Kim is a size 10 and she's now a size F. 

That night me, Brooke, Kelsey and Julie went out for a nice dinner in Northbridge and then a bit of clubbing, but we were really tired and Northbridge wasn't all that great that night so we called it a night at about 1am. Not my personal best! Highlights was us making up a song called "Julie the Prostitute". LOL. And taking Brooke and Kelsey to the Amplifier because they had never been there before. Ha.

Now I'm dead tired, my feet, calves and thighs are ACHING from the way-too-high heels that I wore last night (remind me to wear flats next time k?). That is all!

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March 2nd, 2009 (05:58 pm)

current mood: relaxed
current song: I Am the Highway - Audioslave

This coming June/July I was meant to be going to Bali with some friends, but now I've decided that I'm going to wait and save for a much larger - and slightly longer - holiday, at some point of next year. Basically, I think that I'm going to go over to Canada. I'm not sure for how long, or when exactly. I think when I plan just how long I'm going for is when I'll actually decide when I'm going. I need to save quite a lot of money - tickets to Vancouver around about $1700 which is quite ok, but I plan to go over to Toronto and Montreal as well. I'm probably going by myself, but if I have a partner by then he may join me. I'm thinking about asking my sister to go with me. Our half brother lives in Toronto, so I think it would be awesome to see him and spend some time with him. I'm thinking that if I talk to him about it, he might be ok if I board with him for a while, if he has room at his place. If that is the case, then I'll most likely stay in Canada for a while, several months to a year. The whole idea is so daunting and exciting and scary! My mum is ok with the idea, which is good. Anyone wanna come to Canada with moi? LOL

I don't know if I'll have enough money on my Woolies pay. Whilst it actually is decent pay...using it to travel to North America? Probably not enough. Time for a better job...except I don't want retail again and I think I'd go insane working in an office. I have plenty of time to think about it, it's not like I'd be leaving any time soon, so who knows what might happen? I may meet a very rich man between now and then who just happens to have a holiday home in Canada XD

Not much else to say, only that I've left my phone at someone's house AGAIN and I think I'm starting to get sick =( Oh, and yay, I've lost 7 kilos! Go me.

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February 25th, 2009 (08:40 pm)

current mood: silly
current song: Shout - Tears for Fears

You know when there's someone that you strongly dislike, and you find out something so bad about that person, that you realise that you are worth ten times more than they are? Well, happened to me today. It's really quite disgusting what I found out, and actually pretty funny. I could barely hold myself upright when I found out, I just lost it.

Yeah, I'm in a kick arse mood.

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February 15th, 2009 (03:52 pm)
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current song: Rain on Your Parade - Duffy

I'm bored so here's a quiz.

i know everything about you and you know everything about meCollapse )

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February 14th, 2009 (05:45 pm)

current mood: bored

For those who aren't drawn into the stupidity and the consumerism and tackiness of Valentine's Day, here are some songs to get the inner bitch (read: single) out. This is really more just an excuse to pimp some music out.

Not Fair - Lily Allen

About a really sweet guy who is unfortunately shit in bed. HAHAHAHA.

Rain on Your Parade - Duffy

Gotta love revenge.

Cheap and Cheerful - The Kills

Pretty much my favourite song.

Celebrity Skin - Hole

One of my favourite chick rock songs.

Cherry Bomb - The Runaways

Another one of my favourite chick rock songs.

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February 14th, 2009 (03:44 pm)
current song: Rain on Your Parade - Duffy


Australia Day = win. Went to Kim and Charlotte's the day before with them two, Laura, Trent, Jye, Lloyd, Mel, Casey, Trevor, Gavin and Micheal. We had a slippy slide (how Aussie!) and at night we had a glow stick fight, lol. Well, ok, it was more like Laura and Micheal running and attacking each other, but we all got our fair share of it. Stayed over, and the next day we rested a bit and then headed off to Big Black Dave's (lol) place which was like three houses from ohmyladymay 's house. That was fun, Mel Russell, Anita, Helen and the rest of us girls played in the paddle pool whilst Jye and Trent and Josh and all the other guys decided to throw lemons at us. Were they lemons? They might've been limes. THEN we went off to the fireworks in Armadale, and jeez there were so many skanks out! And it was so snobby of all of us, but we could tell what school they went to just by looking at them. That's whats odd about Armadale - you either have the bogans, the snobs in their mansions or the middle ground. I'm somewhere between the middle ground and the snobs in their mansions XD Saw loads of people that I knew but didn't really know, mainly just people I've seen at parties from the old days.

The Kills = win. I don't know if I've said it yet, but they're definitely my favourite band. Ever. It's like I've been waiting and waiting for this band to emerge because it's seriously everything that I like. They're grungy, catchy, clever and badass. I love it!

Bush fires = FAIL. Yeah, it sucks to see the death toll climb from about 14 to 181. WHAT. Fairly sure that when they catch the mongrels who did it, there'll be absolutely no mercy. There's life in jail right there, no parole. And if there is a small chance that they do eventually get out, all of Australia will be after them with pitchforks. Hell, I know I would. But I guess one thing that might be the silver lining of it is the way the whole country has come together to donate and raise money for it. There's been so many charity sausage sizzles around Armadale, a customer donated $500 the other day...it's just amazing.

Heritage = American. Ok. Now that Obama is officially the best thing since sliced bread, WITH a bag of chips, and America is gonna be made awesome again, I can now admit that I'm actually American. Well, at least half. My entire family on my dad's side is American, soooo yeah. My mum's family is all Irish and Australian. Ha. What a good combination. Australian + Irish + American. It certainly explains a fair amount about me XD

Males = fail. I can't be bothered with Jake anymore. If he wants to be a hypocrite and immature, then fine, he can do that. He says nothing I can say or do can make him better about "what I did", so why does he have to bring it up every single time we talk? I don't even bother talking to him anymore, every time we just end up fighting. What does he want me to say? He knows I liked him, and he's been such a dickhead that I'm over being sorry now. As Wayne from work, and oh, pretty much everyone else said, I CAN do better and I deserve so much more than all of that.

This year = is gonna rule. I'm getting closer to getting my license, I'm losing weight rather quickly (five so far), I'm going to Bali in June/July, I might be a manager soon, I'm going to Melbourne to see Jess, my taste is music and movies is the best it's ever been (if I do say so myself), the friends I have now are for keepers...basically, I'm gonna make it as awesome as I possibly can. I'm gonna get past all the crap of the past 19 and half years and focus on the next. Hussah!

Going for walks = rule. I've been taking Maxxie out for walks every night, and they're so relaxing! I just walk aimlessly, usually to the top of the hill to look at the pretty lights. Today I went for one and I end up playing on the swings for aaaaages, just swinging really high and listening to my music. The sky was dark and cloudy, it was quite cool and I could feel little drops of rain every now and then. It was really nice and serene. It was my own little American Beauty moment, hee. I was pretty much in my own little world. Eventually I left because I had been gone for ages, and as soon as I walked back onto the street, I was instantly thrown back into reality. Even now typing this I wanna go back to the swings! Me and Laura always talk about this kinda crap, and we talked about having our own little spots. She told me there's a spot that we went camping at last weekend, that she always goes there to think and be alone. I think I've found my spot, yes?

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January 15th, 2009 (11:37 am)

current mood: awake
current song: The Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunnymen

One of the girls at work served a customer who sounded exactly like Jonah from Summer Heights High. I was doing the slicer at the time, so I had my back turned, and I just couldn't stop laughing. Apparently my manager noticed too, because afterwards we were singing Mr G's "Naughty Girl" song.

Me and the some other girls made the discovery that the Hot Chocolate Shop Boy is in fact none other than Hot Gay Chocolate Shop Boy. DAMMIT. Rather annoying seeing as all the good looking guys we can look at are all jail bait. Well, most anyway.

It's my day off today, and I was going to go to the hairdresser's today but I don't really want to walk in the heat. Although, it doesn't really feel all that hot. Maybe because there's a cool breeze? Hmmm. But was going to get more foils. And some more shampoo and conditioner. I've used my litre bottles already, heh. I refuse to use supermarket hair stuff, soooo yeah.

Might be going out to the Court on Saturday night. I went out last Saturday for Jake's birthday, but only to the Deen and the Court cos him and Alfy weren't wearing the proper shoes. We only managed to get into the Deen because we were going to a private function there.

Hmm, I might be going shopping with Kimmy and Laura today and I don't know when they're gonna pick me up. Dammit.

Can I just say what a film nerd I'm turning into? My collection is growing at a rapid speed, I'm now onto my fourth drawer. And my drawers are huge! But seriously, I have so many movies missing. All they're all my favourites! Moulin Rouge, Transformers, Romeo and Juliet, American Beauty, Pleasantville. GAH. I'm fairly sure my sister has them. I know she has Moulin Rouge and Pleasantville as she's convinced they're hers and she took them when she moved out. But. I want them back! If we're heading to Caro today I might get The Virgin Suicides and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas XD It would make me a happy camper.

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January 5th, 2009 (10:00 pm)

current mood: artistic


Mood artistic? Yeah why not.

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December 31st, 2008 (11:39 pm)

Don't worry about the world ending today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.

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December 24th, 2008 (09:10 pm)

current mood: lonely
current song: Give a Man a Home - Ben Harper

Xmas = craptastic.

I don't know why, but every single Xmas is just feel utterly alone. I don't know. Last year I spent it with Jess, and the year before with my then boyfriend, Troy. This year? My parents are going to Bali Boxing Day morning, my brother is going down South and God knows what my sister is doing. Currently, they are all at a family friend's house. I couldn't go because I worked till 9.30 - 8. So it's just me. I even asked Jake to keep me company tonight, but he said no. It's just the Xmas was meant to be special this year. I had this big idea that me and Tim would be together and there'd be mistletoe and I'd spend a ridiculous amount of money on him and he'd be the first person I would say Merry Xmas to. But it doesn't always work out, does it? That, and every year I keep thinking that this time, my father will get his drunken arse together and give a damn about his daughter and actually, you know, call.

In other news, I got my car a few weeks ago. Going to book a test soon. Oh, and I called it Pokey after Gumby's friend.

Finished watching season three of The OC. My God, Ryan and Marissa and Johnny all hurt my soul. And seriously, James and Jasper and Rosalie all in it? And ha, the characters James and Rosalie play dated at one stage. Hee.

Not much else to say except for the fact that I think the grill is forever going to smell of frozen pizza.

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