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naughtyhermione [userpic]

December 24th, 2008 (09:10 pm)

current mood: lonely
current song: Give a Man a Home - Ben Harper

Xmas = craptastic.

I don't know why, but every single Xmas is just feel utterly alone. I don't know. Last year I spent it with Jess, and the year before with my then boyfriend, Troy. This year? My parents are going to Bali Boxing Day morning, my brother is going down South and God knows what my sister is doing. Currently, they are all at a family friend's house. I couldn't go because I worked till 9.30 - 8. So it's just me. I even asked Jake to keep me company tonight, but he said no. It's just the Xmas was meant to be special this year. I had this big idea that me and Tim would be together and there'd be mistletoe and I'd spend a ridiculous amount of money on him and he'd be the first person I would say Merry Xmas to. But it doesn't always work out, does it? That, and every year I keep thinking that this time, my father will get his drunken arse together and give a damn about his daughter and actually, you know, call.

In other news, I got my car a few weeks ago. Going to book a test soon. Oh, and I called it Pokey after Gumby's friend.

Finished watching season three of The OC. My God, Ryan and Marissa and Johnny all hurt my soul. And seriously, James and Jasper and Rosalie all in it? And ha, the characters James and Rosalie play dated at one stage. Hee.

Not much else to say except for the fact that I think the grill is forever going to smell of frozen pizza.


Posted by: ohmyladymay (ohmyladymay)
Posted at: December 24th, 2008 01:15 pm (UTC)

Christmas sucks

Boys suck

Dads suck

But I lover you for evers and evers xoxoxoxoxox

Posted by: Belle de Winter : Princess of a Parallel World (belledewinter)
Posted at: December 24th, 2008 04:23 pm (UTC)
Dorothy & Toto

*hugs* Christmas isn't a time of love. It's a time of family drama. :/ In general. I hope you survive it as good as you can.

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