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naughtyhermione [userpic]

February 14th, 2009 (03:44 pm)
current song: Rain on Your Parade - Duffy


Australia Day = win. Went to Kim and Charlotte's the day before with them two, Laura, Trent, Jye, Lloyd, Mel, Casey, Trevor, Gavin and Micheal. We had a slippy slide (how Aussie!) and at night we had a glow stick fight, lol. Well, ok, it was more like Laura and Micheal running and attacking each other, but we all got our fair share of it. Stayed over, and the next day we rested a bit and then headed off to Big Black Dave's (lol) place which was like three houses from ohmyladymay 's house. That was fun, Mel Russell, Anita, Helen and the rest of us girls played in the paddle pool whilst Jye and Trent and Josh and all the other guys decided to throw lemons at us. Were they lemons? They might've been limes. THEN we went off to the fireworks in Armadale, and jeez there were so many skanks out! And it was so snobby of all of us, but we could tell what school they went to just by looking at them. That's whats odd about Armadale - you either have the bogans, the snobs in their mansions or the middle ground. I'm somewhere between the middle ground and the snobs in their mansions XD Saw loads of people that I knew but didn't really know, mainly just people I've seen at parties from the old days.

The Kills = win. I don't know if I've said it yet, but they're definitely my favourite band. Ever. It's like I've been waiting and waiting for this band to emerge because it's seriously everything that I like. They're grungy, catchy, clever and badass. I love it!

Bush fires = FAIL. Yeah, it sucks to see the death toll climb from about 14 to 181. WHAT. Fairly sure that when they catch the mongrels who did it, there'll be absolutely no mercy. There's life in jail right there, no parole. And if there is a small chance that they do eventually get out, all of Australia will be after them with pitchforks. Hell, I know I would. But I guess one thing that might be the silver lining of it is the way the whole country has come together to donate and raise money for it. There's been so many charity sausage sizzles around Armadale, a customer donated $500 the other day...it's just amazing.

Heritage = American. Ok. Now that Obama is officially the best thing since sliced bread, WITH a bag of chips, and America is gonna be made awesome again, I can now admit that I'm actually American. Well, at least half. My entire family on my dad's side is American, soooo yeah. My mum's family is all Irish and Australian. Ha. What a good combination. Australian + Irish + American. It certainly explains a fair amount about me XD

Males = fail. I can't be bothered with Jake anymore. If he wants to be a hypocrite and immature, then fine, he can do that. He says nothing I can say or do can make him better about "what I did", so why does he have to bring it up every single time we talk? I don't even bother talking to him anymore, every time we just end up fighting. What does he want me to say? He knows I liked him, and he's been such a dickhead that I'm over being sorry now. As Wayne from work, and oh, pretty much everyone else said, I CAN do better and I deserve so much more than all of that.

This year = is gonna rule. I'm getting closer to getting my license, I'm losing weight rather quickly (five so far), I'm going to Bali in June/July, I might be a manager soon, I'm going to Melbourne to see Jess, my taste is music and movies is the best it's ever been (if I do say so myself), the friends I have now are for keepers...basically, I'm gonna make it as awesome as I possibly can. I'm gonna get past all the crap of the past 19 and half years and focus on the next. Hussah!

Going for walks = rule. I've been taking Maxxie out for walks every night, and they're so relaxing! I just walk aimlessly, usually to the top of the hill to look at the pretty lights. Today I went for one and I end up playing on the swings for aaaaages, just swinging really high and listening to my music. The sky was dark and cloudy, it was quite cool and I could feel little drops of rain every now and then. It was really nice and serene. It was my own little American Beauty moment, hee. I was pretty much in my own little world. Eventually I left because I had been gone for ages, and as soon as I walked back onto the street, I was instantly thrown back into reality. Even now typing this I wanna go back to the swings! Me and Laura always talk about this kinda crap, and we talked about having our own little spots. She told me there's a spot that we went camping at last weekend, that she always goes there to think and be alone. I think I've found my spot, yes?