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naughtyhermione [userpic]

March 8th, 2009 (05:31 pm)

current mood: sleepy
current song: Out There - John Dahlblack

Good weekend!

Friday night me and Brooke went out to Northbridge for the Ministry of Sound launch party at Capitol. Was meant to meet up with a friend from work, but I didn't have his number so I couldn't really meet up probably, lol. Got there only to find out that it had sold out, and it was only 10! Not that it mattered, because we decided that we'd bar hop the night away. We decided that we would stop at every bar and have at least one drink, two or more if we liked the place. Turns out I really like Irish pubs and Brooke really doesn't. Haha. The Mint was awesome! 90's night XD I don't think I've actually ever had that much fun clubbing, seriously. I think it's because it was just us two and we spent the whole night laughing, particularly when Irish guys kept trying to plant one on me, and when Brooke got violated in the Mint and all I could do was laugh. And because we're very loud and talkative, and being the sociable butterflies that we are, we just talked to anyone and everyone and it was good. Got home at about 5 absolutely dead to the world. Good night!

Then on Saturday we went shopping at Carousel, saw too many people from high school, bought some "special" underwear and tried on some pretty dresses. Ack having big boobs is so annoying! I'm a DD, and it's so aggravating when a dress is absolutely gorgeous, fits perfectly EXCEPT for the boobs. Grr. It could be worse though. My friend Kim is a size 10 and she's now a size F. 

That night me, Brooke, Kelsey and Julie went out for a nice dinner in Northbridge and then a bit of clubbing, but we were really tired and Northbridge wasn't all that great that night so we called it a night at about 1am. Not my personal best! Highlights was us making up a song called "Julie the Prostitute". LOL. And taking Brooke and Kelsey to the Amplifier because they had never been there before. Ha.

Now I'm dead tired, my feet, calves and thighs are ACHING from the way-too-high heels that I wore last night (remind me to wear flats next time k?). That is all!


Posted by: Belle de Winter : Princess of a Parallel World (belledewinter)
Posted at: March 9th, 2009 08:05 pm (UTC)

You do know how to have a good time. I want to go bar hopping like mad. :D

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